Just like that, #LFW is over – this seasonal highlight with theatricals and surprises fit for a West End Show has, predictably, charmed us all with its performance of fabrics and intricate designs wrapping the City in its imitable buzz. With runways channelling dance floors, celebration of female entrepreneurial spirit and a few beauty (fashion’s not too distant cousin) surprises, our top 3 moments from London’s SS20 offerings are listed below.

Photo via @xtinadavy

How could we not start with 16 Arlington’s charming tribute to queen Raffaella Carra’? We can’t get enough of the fun textures and playful lines which characterised this collection – if you’re looking for your next night out outfit, look no further. Their SS20 embodies the way we wish to experience next year’s lighter seasons – with a tongue in cheek approach, plenty of dancing and a form of lightness, both in our moods and sartorial picks. With the promise of psychedelic prints, wavy ensembles and the dream LBD we didn’t know we needed, slipping into Winter isn’t all doom and gloom when we have sunnier days, and outfits, to look forward to.

Photo via @fashionhack

Next up, we’re officially declaring Victoria Beckham as our Business Woman for 2019, 2020 and all Fashion Weeks to come. If Queen VB hasn’t surprised us in some way, has it really been Fashion Week? Following last year’s Homecoming to celebrate her collection’s 10th Anniversary, VB has been putting the hours in at the office and declaring war against complacency by effortlessly combining the release of her makeup line with #LFW. What better time to catch just about everyone’s attention and make the most of the media buzz? Victoria, we salute your entrepreneurial spirit and impeccable timing.

Finally, Fashion Week wouldn’t be Fashion Week without its contradictions raising very legitimate questions that we should ask ourselves. Are we, as consumers, over the Fashion Week hype? What role does sustainability play? And on that note, how does Fashion Week promote the work of emergent designers whilst retaining, and celebrating, the legacy of British Fashion? Luckily, Kendall Jenner is prepared to play her part in addressing the existential doubts which arise from this global event. At the Burberry SS20 show, Kendall put an end to the age old conundrum known as ‘Do Blondes have more fun?!’ The verdict remains undecided yet Kenny’s new locks are a dream and probably responsible for a surge in the purchase of DIY balayage sets via Instagram. Doing her bit for the people and the economy.

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