When was the last time you changed your bed sheets? Paid council tax? Sorted out your pensions? Well…By now we should have mastered all these wonderfully tedious ‘joys’ of adulthood, except that… we haven’t.

Conceived with students in mind, The Adult Bible is a new online hub helping young people (and not) become the best, most resourceful version of themselves. Filled with easy tips on how to, basically, nail adulthood, this highly millennial website is, probably, what we have been lacking all along. Here at Miss Squiggles, we love having a variety of great business women and it’s our pleasure to introduce you to founder Lottie Bodilly to share her insight into the platform we didn’t know we needed all along.

On Starting The Adult Bible

“I was tired of trawling the internet for answers to my questions and thought it would be so much more convenient if everything was in one place, so The Adult Bible was born. I’m extremely passionate about it; having spoken to a whole range of people from personal experience, I know it’s something that everyone can benefit from.”

“Plus, the stats don’t lie! I’ve read a whole load of research which shows people don’t know enough basic life skills before reaching adulthood – can you believe 28% of millennials don’t know how to make an omelette, while 12% don’t know how to change a lightbulb and 43% don’t know how to wire a plug?”

Ouch, we do know how to make an omelette but don’t ask us to change a 💡. So, tell us a little bit more about the platform:

“From living independently at  university to applying for mortgages, from meditation for beginners to changing a tyre, there really is something for every aspect of life over on The Adult Bible. ”
“At this time of year, The Adult Bible is perfect for students who are just starting out at the university. Freshers week is over and the reality of surviving on your own for the first time is setting in. When I was at university, it was this point of the year that we were figuring out how to pay the internet bill and had no idea how to read the gas meter – there were also more than a few culinary disasters in our house.”

Yes, been there 🙋‍♀️! Do you have a specific category for Uni students?

“Between calls to home and trips to the student union bar, students can head to the University category of The Adult Bible, for a helping hand with tips for money saving, student bank accounts and more. Other categories will come in useful too, with advice on everything from cooking to washing.”

What are some of your favourite categories then?

“Another great category, and one of my favourites,” explains Lottie, “is Entertaining. As a dinner-party fanatic, this is the type of content I really enjoy reading in my spare time. It’s little things that catch my eye, like setting places at the dinner table correctly, so this page is perfect for those planning a party or event in the festive season leading up to Christmas.”

“There’s everything from the basics of party planning to dress codes, and for those looking to bring the party, they should take a look at what to take to a dinner party and how to be the ideal guest.”

Sounds interesting and not just for students!

“The Adult Bible is ultimately there to help young people in their daily lives, which is why the Life Admin pages are another really important part of what we provide. Since launching my own company, I’ve realised how important it is to nail the day-to-day stuff in order to keep organised and calm.”

The Adult Bible is a perfect hub for young people to learn some pretty useful tricks and rock adulthood! For more details about the website, please visit www.theadultbible.co.uk

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Happy Sunday!