Hello everyone and Happy Monday.

Given the unforgiving weather, we would be forgiven for forgetting that Spring is, in fact, around the corner. On the basis of all the items I am currently adding to my Wishlist, however, it’s evident that Spring newness is upon us. I am currently lusting after a palette of fresh pastels, pale rosés sat outside (too hopeful?) and a wardrobe to match.  

I will be adding a classic trench to my trolley (always gorgeous and so many options to style it) and a pair of quirky sunglasses to match. The Scandi girls feature heavily in my Instagram Saved Posts and I want to experiment with more colour, and different lines, not only with eyewear but with other accessories too. I am a little bit obsessed with the Viral Cos Bag and after waiting for the M&S version to come back in stock, I have decided to bite the bullet ordered a dupe from Amazon.  Of course, the second I order the Amazon one, the M&S one comes back in stock but I have linked both (the Amazon one has a few colours and sizes).

Spring newness doesn’t have to be limited to fashion (although, in my book, that’s the main event). New habits can feature too – influenced by the run-clubs which seem to pop up everywhere, I have ordered a running jacket to hopefully encourage some motivation to exercise. The long-awaited (and, for some, dreaded) Spring clean is also upon us so, to ease into it, I propose this Bergamot & Jasmine Alabaster Candle – a real treat but so gorgeous.

What’s on your wishlist this week?