…we tried to stress less with Tangle. Originated as sculptures by artist Richard X Zawitz almost 40 years ago. He quickly realised that during psychedelic 60s art shows and parties, people couldn’t stop fiddling with them so he shrunk them down and created plastic versions. These are not toys, people have been used them for years during meditation, as a way to stimulate focus and creativity. According to PhD researchers, manipulating Tangles encourage activating both sides of the drama and they also help neurodiverse kids in home and school departments. Finally, TikTokkers found them and the rest is history but what do we think of them?

After trying them for a week or so, we feel like it’s something that we can easily turn to when feeling a little stressed. We tried them before and sometimes during meetings, we lent it to a friend who had an interview and she said that it helped a lot. Our feeling is that Tangle shifts your attention from you, your problems and your anxiety to something else, in this case, to bright colours little devices you can mould in your hands. Using Tangle did improve our anxiety slightly and it’s definitely something that it’s going to be a handbag must for the future. Tangle relax was our favourite, we loved the feeling and it helped with stress relief. It was also less nosy than the other version which we wouldn’t recommend during stressful zoom meetings.

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