We’re a generation fixated with time; we’re constantly running out of time, reading articles on how to maximise our time, inventing new ways of working to free up our time and, most ironically of all, perennially wasting our time in an endless cycle of liking, sharing , analysing and comparing. We have been debating whether to prepare our 12 Days of Christmas Features for the best part of the year – cautiously toying with the idea, dipping our toe and inevitably finding ourselves in a cycle of questions: What will we talk about? Will our readers enjoy it? Will it take up valuable time we should be investing in our clients?

Like all our mental gymnastics (a discipline in which we would definitely be Olympic Medallists), these worries were completely unfounded. We love sharing innovative, thought-provoking content to benefit our clients and readers alike and if it comes in a festive gift-wrap with a few discounts to support small businesses along the way whilst providing you with ideas to elevate your festive season then, in our view, all the better. And boy, is there a lot to talk about – each and every time we interview for a feature, we are astounded by the sheer amount of small businesses, creators and founders doing a fantastic job in their respective fields and bringing something new to the table. We asked for the quirkiest Advent Calendars, Christmas Stationery, you name it, and were inundated with suggestions, requests and ‘My friend X knows Y who runs a small business you just need to know about’.

So, this festive season, we vow to slow down. To share the little joys that characterise this season with you and provide 5 minutes of respite whether that’s through an interview, a conversation on Twitter or a quick feature inspiring you to decorate your home for Christmas. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we hope that with us, you can take each moment as it comes and let go of the obsession of capturing every second and obsessing over whether it’s instagram worthy – living it and being grounded in the moment will be quite enough. We’re starting with this dreamy Advent Calendar Candle gifted to us by the lovely people at Norma & Dorothy .

The candle is the grown up version to an Advent Calendar – with its dreamy orange and cinnamon scent, minimalist packaging and personalised labels (they inscribe names, initials, you name it!), we already feel a little more chic, a little more put together . Our Advent Ritual this year is going to be simple – the candle burns for 25 hours, enough for an hour each day before Christmas. So, amongst wrapping, trimmings and seasonal meltdowns, we wow to allow ourselves one hour each day to unwind, decompress and switch off from card writing, stressing and nervously chanting ‘must get this done before Christmas‘. It’s a simple yet effective ritual – an hour each day to remind ourselves that it doesn’t matter if the tree doesn’t look like it’s fresh from a Tatler Editorial, that the in-laws don’t mind if the canap├ęs are slightly burnt (ooops!) and that no one quite cares that our wrapping paper is mismatched.

What’s your Christmas ritual? Maybe it’s getting your nails done ahead of the festive parties, letting your partner do the cooking because it’s something that makes you anxious or swapping a frazzled evening shopping for presents on the 23rd for a to-do list and clever online buys. Whatever your ritual, you have 24 days to practise it – 24 days to be more mindful, to focus on the moment, acknowledge the passing of time to face the big day with a lot more calm and self awareness. Now, that is a Christmas we are truly looking forward to.


Squiggles Comms Team X