…the quirkiest, most unusual creative jobs, this week in #Edinburgh and #London.

How’s your Autumn going, everyone? Thought about changing jobs, life, boyfriend, puppy yet? Today we have had a look online and found some of the most interesting jobs out there. Have a look!

You might want to start with your job…

  1. The University of Edinburgh is looking for Life models for their School of Art & Design so if you want to channel your very own Rose/Jack (“I want you to draw me like one of your French girls…”) sort of vibe, you only need to click here to apply. OK, maybe not exactly that but you know what I mean.
  2. BBC is looking for a senior executive producer for the One Show: “The ideal candidate with be familiar with the editorial and technical challenges that come with being at the helm of a show of this stature” Apply here
  3. Award-winning stationery brand Ryman Stationery is looking for a marketing administrator. They provide stationery for children, students and 32-year olds with stationery-obsession issues. Click here for more details.