Hello, everyone. How are you doing? We have been fighting quarantine blues with wine, cheese and long walks in the ‘wildness’ that is our neighbourhood. Has it helped? It has, we are lucky enough to have each other, our family is safe, our friends are hanging in there, exercising, taking courses, napping or merely just existing has been what we have been focusing on and you know what?

That’s absolutely fine. Everyone we love and care about is surviving and that’s what is important the most. Today our top three list goes to the following companies and trends of the week. But before you go, here’s one of our favourite pictures from the past few weeks: because the two widowed penguins enjoying the Melbourne Skyline is us when we will finally be able to hug all our favourite people again.

Image courtesy of Tobias Baumgaertner
  • 1- Dusty Knuckle, shout-out to these guys for being one of the best independent restaurants we have in Cardiff and for working hard to provide such great service during a global pandemic selling flour when it’s gone everywhere, and bringing a smile to our face with their pizza kits.
Image courtesy of Dusty Knuckle
  • 2- Banksy being Banksy and reminding us all, once again, that we have been wrong all along about superheroes.
“Game Changer”, Banksy. Courtesy of Sky News.
  • 3- Stationery Week, following stationery week we have been working hard on planning our workload, as we work from home, trying not to lose our head and being mindful of our colleagues, housemates, and rest of the family. It has been difficult but the following has helped: Writing down our list for the day. Visually map out a pipeline of our projects from start to end, colourful post-its are optional but highly commendable- and, as per usual, Doodling shamelessly.