We’ve all had one of those days haven’t we? Waking up foggy-headed, groggy and with all intentions of going back to bed if it wasn’t for a sharp pain at our sides indicating that, yes, our periods have vey much made an appearance. An unexpected side effect of lockdown, and working from home, is that finally working from the sofa, bundled up with blankets with cups of sugary tea on tap has represented an alternative to struggling into work trousers, commuting into the office and facing a workload which could have easily been tackled from the comfort of our homes. While we’re hopeful that conversations regarding menstrual leave, workplace reforms and flexible working will resume as we ease into normality, we also believe that prevention is better than cure. Add to the mix the general anxiety, doubt and chaos 2020 has brought for so many of us, and we were only too eager to try out Our Remedy CBD Oil, which was kindly gifted to us. We loved the idea of adding a step to our self-care routine, a little me-time to incorporate into our day to help sleep and anxiety – two things we, like the rest of the population, have certainly struggled with over the last few months.

CBD oils have been around for a while yet we found them pretty difficult to get hold of in the beginning and were discouraged by countless internet reviews complaining about their oily texture. When it comes to Our Remedy CBD Oil, we were instantly attracted to the fact that it’s vegan and peppermint flavoured. Similarly, it’s designed for women to help with a whole range of issues including sleep, anxiety, period pains, mood swings and more. Founder Rachel experienced, in her own words, her ‘fair share‘ of period related health issues and set out to produce a product to help anxiety, sleep and the whole range of factors affected by period issues.

We have loved adding a few drops of Our Remedy into our Chamomile tea to sleep like babies for the first time in months. The peppermint and clary sage essential oils certainly give it a bit of a kick and are the perfect mix to feel super sleepy after a long day. Our main reasons for trying out our Remedy include stress, aching limbs and aches from spending hours writing at our laptops or sitting in the office and we love how a simple act of self-care in the morning or evening can help us feel our best in the long run and act as a little reminder that, yes, we need to look after ourselves.

As we have tried out the product, we have enjoyed using the blog to read around the subject. From a complete guide to CBD oils for total newbies (like us!) to self-care tips like natural remedies for period pains and what sort of workouts are best at different stages of the month, there are so many resources. As complete geeks for anything natural, we have also loved learning about essential oils and how they can help us, in the long-run, if only to avoid knocking back paracetamol and pints of hot chocolate in the lead up to our periods. No patronising guidance that makes us want to crawl into bed with a tub of ice-cream either – just straightforward, insightful and practical advice we can’t get enough of.

If you want to find out more about Our Remedy, you can find them here and if you’re still a little uncertain, their blog is a good starting point for anything CBD and women’s wellness related. We hope you enjoyed this post and that, if anything, you vow to do one kind thing for yourself today. 5 minutes to yourself in the morning, a long bath with essential oils, 10 pages of your favourite book, a new routine which better adapts to your lifestyle…or even an hour to do absolutely nothing. However it may look to you, find the time for yourself and we’ll try our very best to do the same.

Lots of love,

The Squiggles Team X

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