What’s your festive drink of choice? For some, it’s all about a hot chocolate as they’re wrapping presents, others love the promise of a G&T after a day of Christmas shopping and, for others, the festive season doesn’t really begin until a bottle of fizz has been opened. While we’re adding the finishing touches to a post filled with ideas for those choosing to not drink alcohol at Christmas (coming oh-so-soon!), we couldn’t wait to share our interview with Jeany Cronk, co-founder of Mirabeau Wine. Jeany’s business story is also a love story (she works alongside her husband) a Provence reverie (just look at her dreamy instagram feed @provencejournals) and encouragement to defy tradition a little this Christmas – hey, it’s our celebration and we’ll drink rosé if we want to!

How did you begin your business journey with Mirabeau Wine?

Mirabeau Wine is a husband and wife thing. I followed my husband into the business, who set it up 10 years ago. I am not from a wine background like him, but have begun to love the subject. I also look after the design and branding, which is must closer to my heritage. After working in marketing, i retrained as an interior designer, so am actually a more creative soul and find I can express myself really well through the packaging and the creative work I am doing for the Mirabeau Brand.

How will you be spending the Christmas season and, most importantly, what will you be drinking?

We usually end up with a big mash up of German and English Christmas traditions, but we usually drink our Etoile wine with it. This is a brilliant Grenache based Rosé, made for the festive table. I think I will be making a Chapon this year and a Beef Wellington on Christmas Eve.

What are your business goals for the next decade?
My goals are to bring our brand to a bigger audience, especially to Northern Europe and North America and to stay at this top end quality level at the same time. I also want to lead in terms of being digital and social media friendly as I think it is such a great way to stay close to your customers and allows us to be in control of our content. I also want to be a business enabler for others, so aiming to find more time to give talks and participate in entrepreneurship forums.

So, here’s to raising a glass this festive season, clearly thinking about our goals and, just like all round go-getter Jeany, utilise our assets to make our visions a tangible reality. Who’s with us?


The Squiggles Team