As we leave 2020 behind (good riddance!), we embrace the new year with a positive mindset and intention. Rather than focusing on simple resolutions this year, we have decided to ask a group of incredible women what their business resolutions are for the upcoming year. With their experience and hindsight, we hope this will help you find the right inspiration for what we are sure will be a great 2021 (yes, we’ve gone there, we’ve said it!). Here’s what we found out….

“To continue to support amazing start up businesses with strategy, business development and growth plans, and build a team of my own.” – Sophie Biggerstaff, BYR Collective

“Our business resolution for 2021 is to be consistent with our efforts and to continue to support our community to build their confidence. We want to continue to inspire our lovely ladies to take action in their own lives to become their best self. ” – Kelly Tamplin, Complete Confidence Makeover

“To spend more time thinking and less time doing! As an owner of a physical goods business, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of the business. As we get into next year, I’d like to give myself the opportunity to take a step back and really focus on building a great brand and business, without worrying about the operational aspects as much.” – Caroline, The Box 42

“Expand! Grow my portfolio and clients. Learn more to become more knowledgeable in my field, take more risks. Oh, and the biggie, be more confident in my abilities as a business owner.” – Ailsa Clare, Ailsa Clare Photography

“Launching my business in the middle of a pandemic has been a serious learning curve so I have a long list of resolutions. But they can be summarised as “be more nimble”. From working to bring my pricing down, to building up new products – like sneakers – next year is all about continuing to adapt to this new normal.” – Simona Rusk, Simona Rusk London

“My business resolution for 2021 is to focus on expanding my educational offerings. I hope to create more accessible spiritual education, by offering a series of lower-ticket offers that still provide a high value. I hope to be teaching more workshops (both virtual and in-person) and facilitating fruitful conversations that continue to support my mission of helping people find and own their spiritual power. I also hope to publish a few journalism pieces as well as continue to work on writing my first book. “- Hannah Siddiqui, The Road to Hannah

“We are really excited for what 2021 holds for us! We have been thinking of relocating to a bigger workshop so will definitely continue to look into that. We are also really keen to start selling more personalised goods. We love every product we sell but, in the future, we would love to be able to make items that are made especially for one person. I guess our resolution is to strive to keep growing and begin to experiment with new ideas for unique personalised products.” The lovely team at Tara’s Wonderworld

Do you make resolutions for the New Year? And if so, what are yours? We wish you health and happiness for 2021. While things may not be back to normal straightaway, we hope all your dreams come true and to be back hugging our nearest and dearest very, very soon.

Love always (but especially after this year!),

The Squiggles Team X