Today we hand over The Squiggles Edit to Fi Clark, Head of yoga @ FLY LDN to give us her 5 reasons why you should make the most of the gorgeous weather and start a new Yoga by the sea routine.

  1. Strength and Balance
Image courtesy of FLY LDN

Practising yoga on unstable surfaces is a fun challenge that requires engagement of muscles and mental focus that we may not need so much of on a flat, sturdy surface. So practising on a sandy beach by the sea will help build strength and also test your ability to focus especially whilst holding standing and arm balances.

2. Fresh Air

By practicing yoga outside, you are increasing the amount of fresh air and in turn, oxygen, that you are inhaling. This is a great way to boost your immune system.
3. Vitamin D

With the high level of vitamin D sunlight exposure from practicing yoga outdoors this not only aids a deeper sense of relaxation but has also been scientifically proven to help reduce levels of depression.

Image courtesy of FLY LDN

4. Relaxation

Being within close proximity to blue water is well renowned for encouraging and fortifying a focused and relaxed state of mind which is integral to yoga.

Image courtesy of FLY LDN

5. Iodine & Magnesium

The levels of iodine and magnesium emitted from ocean air is high which result in higher levels of secretion in the brain. Therefore, prolonged time spent near the sea will help to reduce stress levels, anxiety and sleeping disorders.

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