As you may have heard – or indeed read about on this very magazine – snacking is something we take very seriously. So we were super excited when, earlier on in the Autumn, we set out to try the best options out there and tell you all about them. As we head into the Winter, and our to-do list seems to have doubled over night, we thought we would add another must-try, no effort snack on your list. We kept these in our back pocket as they’re a brilliant idea for busy parents, the environmentally conscious or those who, like us, want to add some goodness into our diet before the Christmas over-indulgence takes place.

The background to the business goes a little like this – on discovering that, globally, 930 million tonnes of edible produce go to waste, founder Ben set out to reduce food waste. This was through transforming wonky fruit and vegetables into snacks to maximise under-utilised produce. Fast-forward and Spare Snacks was born delivering lots of treats to add to handbags, lunch boxes and everything in between. For their delicious apple crisps – which we were kindly sent to try – Ben and his team make use of apples which are misshapen or deemed unattractive in commercial terms. In their words, ‘all wonkies are welcome’ so much so that they have brought their much-loved imperfect apples to life aptly naming them Bumps, Blemmy and Biggie Smalls. In a time of Instagram perfection, this sort of messaging is refreshing as is the idea of a healthy snack which doesn’t take ages to prepare or add unnecessary stress. Spare Snacks’ business mission goes beyond throwing a healthy snack in your kids’ school bag and can, instead, inspire much-needed discussions concerning food education.

If, like us, you’re super busy with Christmas presents to buy, turkeys to order and a never-ending workload and you want to save yourself the hassle of making instagram-worthy handmade granola bars (we feel you!), you can try Scrapples here. We love that their packaging is recyclable (another plus) and their blog resources and recipes are great for inexpensive activities (think scavenger hunts, baking ideas and colouring sheets) to do with children especially at a time when we’re all feeling the pinch.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Love, The Squiggles Team