Happy, happy Monday. Today, we’re here with a brand new interview with Shekira Johnson, founder of Turn’d Up Fitness. What better way to start a new week? Maybe you’re looking for a new dance class to attend locally, a new hobby to shake things up from the comfort of your home or perhaps you have a business idea on your mind and are in need of some serious boss babe inspo for that extra push. Whatever it may be, we raise our Monday morning brews to you – we’ve got this ladies.

How did it all start?

I was inspired to set up Turn’d Up Fitness in 2017 thanks to my love of dance (especially street style), fitness, music and drama. Having taught classes including Zumba and body attack which I loved thanks to their high energy approach, I began to experiment with my own choreography and plan my own routines. I brought my first routine (Rihanna’s Work) to life alongside world famous choreographer Leighton Wall. When I entered the studio, I realised I’d found my calling and decided to launch my own fitness class which immediately created a social media hype. As the class evolved – and the sassier it got – Turn’d Up gathered a bigger following far and wide. The business is shaped by community feedback – this has helped created the fun and inclusive atmosphere that Turn’d Up represents today.

We love Turn’d Up Fitness! What are your tips for those of us who wish to join a dance group but lack the confidence especially after the isolation of lockdown?

Honestly, go for it! We have a lot of women saying they’re too nervous, or they think they have two left feet, but this class isn’t for professional dancers, it’s a community of women getting together, turning the lights off, disco lights on and having a good time together. When we get together for class, it’s literally like a family reunion every time – we catch up, have a dance and we just happen to burn up to 900 calories while doing it. The best time to start is now.

Turn’d Up Fitness is more of a squad rather than just another fitness class, how important is it to empower women with groups like yours and what has been the response to your online classes so far?

For me, the best thing is seeing the transition that members experience across the weeks. For their first class, often they’ll be shy but the more they come, this changes and within six weeks, they’ve made their way to the front of the class in their crop tops, lipstick on and genuinely believing in themselves. The confidence results are epic! Online classes were scary at first – I wasn’t sure how and if we could adapt, but it’s been incredible. Our community of strong women are so supportive and are still doing daily classes like normal!

So, following Shekira’s example, it’s time to put on the red lipstick, believe in ourselves and attack the new week with joy, optimism and drive. If you’re looking for a new exercise class and a community of like-minded women, you can find more information about Turn’d Up Fitness right here . Bring the sass and Shekira’s team of wonderful instructors will do the rest.

Wishing you a great start to the week,

The Squiggles Team X