In our efforts to be as planet-friendly and as eco-conscious as we can possibly be, we have come across the Aroma range and couldn’t help but find out more about it.

The cleaning experts at Aroma Care Solutions have been developing professional grade cleaning products for over 50 years and today they offer different cleaning ranges for different purposes:

-The Bio one range. We loved this one because it’s 100% natural, vegan and it has an enzyme-based cleaning formula.

-The Aroma Solutions, a range which is perfect for a professional, deep cleaning.

-The Aroma Cares, a range which is especially developed for people and carers who need extra special clean up protection products.

We had the chance to try their Bio range and we really liked it. Here’s why:

1) All Aroma products are supposed to smell great but this one in particular, smelled amazing, it was something which was a bit like pink grapefruit and lemon. It was also just the perfect way to eliminate any odour. Especially if god forbids, some takeaway falls on the carpet and we have been there before. The bio range is just a useful trick to keep it fresh.

2) The products are great for a deep cleaning which naturally activates bio enzymes for a better, more natural final result.

3) They are kind to the planet, vegan and eco-friendly.

What more do we want?

Click here to find out more about Aroma.

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