With the gorgeous weather making an appearance and with Summer in full swing, we have found ourselves leaving behind the city in favour of some of the most beautiful sea hotspots our Welsh coast has to offer. The sea has always had a strong power over us; the salty smell, the fresh air and a splash of cold water on our feet are exactly what we have been missing all year-long. According to new research carried out by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) in partnership with the University of Exeter, those who spend more time by the sea report generally higher levels of well-being and a lower risk of depression. We strongly believe that being by the sea is one of the best antidotes against stress and has the ability to boost your mood and rebalance your spiritual energies.

That’s exactly why we have talked to some of our favourite ‘sea experts’ and brought you the following wellbeing activities to practise by the sea for FREE.

Who’s joining us?

Image courtesy of Shelley Martin


There are many apps (we are big fans of Headspace and Calm) which help you start a meditation routine almost effortlessly and with Andy Puddicombe or, why not, Matthew McConaughey guiding you through every single step.

However, if you don’t feel like committing to one subscription just yet, you can be our guest and try the following meditation by the sea courtesy of Meditation, Tai Chi and Fitness Professional and Coach Darren Yap from Wimble Wellness and exclusively developed for The Squiggles Edit.

The following meditation can be done on any beach whether the sea is rough or gentle, whether you’re alone or surrounded by others. It is about accepting your circumstances without judgement and just being in the present moment on purpose.

Sitting comfortably on the ground facing the sea with your eyes closed, take a slow, deep breath, in and out, then start by feeling with your skin, noticing the sun on your face or the wind against your skin.

Every time you have a thought, gently bring your attention back to the feeling of the sun or wind on your face.

Do this for a few slow breaths.

Now take your attention to the sounds you can hear. Perhaps you can hear the waves lapping against the shore or maybe the sound of seagulls or the wind is more prominent. Whatever sound you initially are drawn to just observe it, not judging the sound, accepting whatever that sound is.

After a few breaths bring your attention to the sea. Notice the sound of the waves, they might be gently lapping the shore or perhaps they’re crashing against any rocks. Whatever you hear, just notice without judgement.

If you notice any thoughts appear in your mind, gently leave them to one side and bring your attention back to the sound of the waves.

Practise this, observing the sound of the waves for a few breaths.

And when you’re ready, take one final long slow breath before opening your eyes.


Image available from Pinterest, Journey Era

Nothing more refreshing than taking a walk and breathe in the marine air, a true rejuvenation experience. Something which will boost your mood as you embrace the beauty of your local marine scenery.


Immerse yourself or even just your feet. Contact with nature is so important and it’s just going to make such a difference to your overall wellbeing.


Is there a better, more relaxing activity than a Yoga session by the sea? During the summer many classes take place outside and it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits you best by the sea. We talked to Yoga teacher Zarouhi Grumbar from Yoga with Zaz about the benefits of practising Yoga by the sea and she said:

Image courtesy of Zarouhi Grumbar

Practising yoga in the outdoors can really evoke a feeling of freedom as you feel the energy in each posture uncontained by being in an enclosed space. Being near the sea particularly makes us aware of its vastness and potentially of the enormous gratitude in being connected to something so powerful and beautiful, which ultimately reflects our inner selves. The breath becomes ever more generous and important, as taking those deep breaths beside the sea you inhale the iodine and magnesium particles carried in the salty air, which stimulates the immune reactions in the skin and respiratory organs.

To find out more about the benefits of practising yoga by the sea, you should also read what our guest blogger Fi Clark, Head of yoga, @ FLY LDN has to say about it. Click here now.

And if you are in Cardiff and surroundings, make sure to check out Down The River and their beautiful self-care spiritual adventures by the sea.