Nothing quite stings like a day where our confidence feels at an all time low, doesn’t it? We are convinced our hair looks awful, any amount of skincare isn’t going to fix the issues our imagination has fabricated and the whole day is punctuated by a terrible mood. Friends help, of course, – meeting a girlfriend for an emergency post-work drink to talk through our days and re-assess the situation has the power of magically putting us back together. In the (partial) absence of this invaluable resource, during lockdown, there are wonderful companies run by just as wonderful women which can replicate the same outcome.

Today, we’re talking with Kelly Tamplin, one half of Complete Confidence Makeover, a community events company we can’t help but be a tiny bit obsessed with. Founded by Kelly, with her best-friend Emma, Complete Confidence Makeover organises events that empower women helping them feel more confident as they learn to believe in themselves.

How did it all begin?

The journey to Complete Confidence Makeover began many years ago in my late teens. Having experienced traumatic experiences throughout my childhood, I had a mental health breakdown at the age of 18. My self-esteem, confidence and self-worth suffered massively, and I had to rebuild myself. Years later, I attended a board breaking empowerment day (similar to the ones we now do) and I remember at that moment connecting to every word the speaker was saying and realising that I wasn’t alone, that everything that I had gone through was actually a blessing as it had made me into the woman I was. I left that experience feeling so empowered and I believe that day sparked something in me that would years later be the starting point for Complete Confidence Makeover. In 2015 I found myself teaching English in a school in China and one of the young girls came to me after class crying telling me that she did not feel good about herself and that she wanted to feel beautiful. It broke my heart to see the emotional pain she was in as I had been in that place, so I dedicated the rest of my free lessons each week to holding confidence classes for all the children. At the end of my time there she came back to me arms waving in the air shouting ‘Laoshi (teacher) I’m confident’ it was such a beautiful moment and I realised the impact that I could have by just sharing what I’d learnt through my own journey! When I arrived back in the UK I invested in a public speaking coach and started running the workshops again in the hope to make some friends but I had no idea how it would become a business! It was not until a series of events led me to meet Emma Quinn, my best friend and co-founder of Complete Confidence Makeover. Emma shared the vision and helped me develop the brand and turn it into the business it is today! A business that is dedicated to celebrating, supporting, and empowering women to become their best self from the inside out.

What is the first thing you notice when women come to your workshops?

The look of ‘oh god what have I got myself into’ haha. For anyone who has seen my talks or have been to our events before, they will know that it is very high energy and it pushes boundaries (especially the board breaking days). So usually I notice the look of fear on their faces – but they soon relax when they realise they’re fully supported throughout the experience and it’s a safe space!
I am a qualified and accredited Confidence Coach and NLP Practitioner and so usually a conversation with each of them really allows me to calibrate where they are on their personal development journey and pick up on any language cues, beliefs or behavioural patterns that are getting in their own way. When you have worked with enough women you realise that regardless of how different our lives are that our thinking patterns are not that different.

How does their confidence improve after spending the day with you?

You will have to come to experience it for yourself! It is a transformation!
I’ll let some of the ladies that have already been to our events answer that one;
“A fantastic day spent with like-minded women who feel empowered at the end! Leaving with a warm heart knowing that I am good enough just as I am”
“What an amazing event! I have learnt so much about myself and my confidence and I feel empowered and unstoppable”
“I wasn’t sure about coming today as I didn’t really know what to expect but I’m so so glad I went – I’ve loved every single minute of it and I feel so empowered and awesome about myself – You’ve really helped me with my confidence thank you so much”

How can you improve your confidence in 3 easy steps?

Step 1: Become aware of your self-talk – Whenever you realise you’re talking about yourself negatively, train yourself to flip it into a positive
Step 2: If there’s something you don’t feel confident about going in with the attitude that you are a complete beginner and commit yourself to 10-20 hours of working on that craft before you decide you ‘cant’ do it.
Step 3: Model someone – find someone who you believe oozes confidence and model their body language.

How has lockdown influenced your relationship with self-confidence? Are you hesitant about going back to ‘normal’ or scarpering to thrown on a blazer, your favourite lipstick and strut into the office? Whichever stage you may be at, or if much like us you find yourself alternating between both, for more info on Emma and Kate’s workshops, you can find them here.


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