It’s a Friday, the sun is shining and lockdown restrictions are easing across Wales giving us the opportunity to see our loved ones, plan a fun day out or grab a takeaway coffee and enjoy a walk in the sunshine. Only a short post this week as we will be busy enjoying the sunshine (as we hope you will too!) but lots to be grateful for too, so, we’re back with a Three Beautiful Things Post. What are your Three Beautiful Things of the Week? However big or small, we want to know so drop us a message over on Instagram or Twitter. So, without further ado, this week we’ve been…..

Finding Joy in Making Plans – Whilst a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of things we, like the rest of the population, have dealt with the uncertainty of cancelled opportunities, delayed projects and changes of plans on the daily. In all honesty, it’s unlikely we’ll be throwing ourselves in our local pub once they re-open as we’re cautious after months of turmoil. A wood-fired pizza, a glass of something cold and an evening spent outdoors, however? Now, that is something we can get on board with. For this reason, we rushed over to book once Dusty Knuckle announced their much awaited re-opening. If you fancy staying in the garden a little longer before you venture out (we don’t blame you!), there are takeaway and DIY options to join in on the fun from the comfort of your home.

(Image via Dusty Knuckle)

Accepting that post lockdown FOMO is a thing and vowing to go at our own pace – Three months ago, everything we took for granted was thrown into the air, our lives were put on hold in ways we never imagined and the only certainty was the fact that everyone was inside doing, well, nothing exciting. Now, in the same weekend, those close to us may wish to wake up at dawn and run on the beach, organise a day trip to another city, eat out for breakfast, lunch and dinner, enjoy drinks with another household or continue to stay at home, perhaps reading a book. This article via Stylist and the many realisations we have all come to during lockdown suggest, however, that busy busy busy isn’t necessarily the way forward for re-adjusting to life after lockdown. Therefore, we vow to mind our business, spend our weekends safely doing what we love and not paying too much attention to what everyone else on Instagram is doing. Sounds like a good plan, no?

(Picture via Stylist Magazine)

Finding a new Newsletter we love – Female friendship is a funny thing isn’t it? You get a promotion and a friend is struggling to make ends meet or, perhaps, a friend announces her engagement and you can’t seem to step off the hamster wheel of online dating. Nothing is straightforward, chaos is the only constant and navigating differences can be tricky. Add to that the strain of lockdown, the pressures of children and family life or the loneliness of having spent the last few months alone and friendship can be the last thing on anyone’s mind. For this reason, we have loved the Wing Woman, a weekly newsletter about thirty-something life. Candid, honest and a welcome addition to our Inbox. We hear there is a podcast too so we will definitely give that a listen.

(Picture via The Wing Woman)

What is everyone up to this weekend? Please, please keep safe and enjoy some well deserved time-off. Happy Friday everyone – we raise our rosé glass to you.


The Squiggles Team X