Happy Tuesday everyone! How is the beginning of the week treating you? We’re enjoying a sunny morning here in Cardiff, slowly but surely getting through our to-do lists and finding the joy in planning simple yet joyful activities to make the most of the Autumn season. Here are our Three Beautiful Things of the Week – from self-care to helping our local girl gang, this is what we will be getting up to in the next few days. What are everyone’s plans for the week?

Scheduling in some self-care – Whether it’s the stress of working from home, the thousands of committments we’re juggling or the change in season wreaking havoc with our skin, we’re certainly all in need of some well-deserved relaxation. That’s why we can’t wait for Ener-chi’s Winter Skin Masterclass – an hour of skin-care tips, some time to ourselves and some necessary distance from our phones / Netflix for one evening. All from the comfort of our homes and with skincare samples delivered to our door, of course, and for around the cost of a coffee and cake. If you’re still anxious about booking in treatments but want some me-time, definitely check out Ener-chi for upcoming events.

(Image via @enerchiorganics )

Women helping women – If there is something that has helped us all during the long days of lockdown, it’s the incredible resources we’ve had access to. Books, magazines, tv-series, online subscriptions, events…whatever our interests, we’ve been lucky enough to find a way to enjoy them at home. For this reason, now it’s time to support the incredible ladies at Warrior Women, we’re jumping at the chance as their inspirational events and initiatives have certainly lifted us and kept us company. We will be donating to their crowdfunding initiative aimed at expanding their platform and if you want to do the same, you can find them right here.

Afternoon pick-me-ups – When the work from home grind feels like a slog and we’ve looked at the clock approximately 50 times in 5 minutes, the one thing that has lifted our spirits is the promise of a brew, a sweet treat and a few minutes to catch up on our days / have a little rant / maybe even a quick cry depending on how the day is going. Ultimately, as we like to remind ourselves on our toughest days, the kettle still boils and there are still lots of exciting things happening and local businesses to support. Following its re-opening, we can’t wait to pick our 3pm treats at Let Them See Cake and treat ourselves to one of their dreamy bouquets.

(Image via @letthemseecake )

Whatever you’re up to this week, we hope you can find some little joys to make your day that little sweeter – if all else fails, we hear a slice of cake and a cup of tea are a very good place to start. Have a good one.


The Squiggles Team X