It feels like July sprinted straight past us without as much of a wave and now we are left with half of the summer to play with and enjoy before it’s all Back to School Editorials, Autumn To-do Lists and the promise and hope of the month of September. If you haven’t planned a holiday for the month of August and, like many of us, you’re left combating with the daily commute and the stifling city heat (what is this all-round muggy weather?!), you might like to take some time out, grab a glass of wine and read about the events and activities filling up our August calendar. Enjoy the rest of the summer and to our fellow work queens, boss babes and ladies juggling it all – we salute you, sweaty commute and all.

Your new brunch spot –  It’s true, there are cute, Instagram aesthetic kind of coffee shops popping up all over Cardiff faster that you can scream Avocado but just how wonderful is Blossom Café on Wellfield Road? This family run coffee shop prepares freshly baked goods everyday specialising in Turkey and Vegetarian offerings. With beautiful decor (the founders are ‘fans’ of Instagram and reflect this in their super millennial aesthetic), a varied menu that screams summer and growing vegetarian and vegan options, this place is on our list and it should definitely be on yours too. Have a browse in the local boutiques, pick up a magazine and grab a coffee watching the world go by in true August fashion. You can find them right here.

The Fashion Show celebrating Diversity – Slotting perfectly between British Vogue’s latest issue, edited by her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex, celebrating diversity and Forces of Change and Fashion Month, is Summer of Diverse II. This event celebrates diversity in fashion and will showcase a variety of local designers including @l26label. The second instalment of this series, curated by model Abby Louise Thomas, promises all the vibrancy, dreamy fashion and excitement of the first one. With cocktails and the opportunity to network with up and coming designers in the Park Plaza’s Kuku Club, this is one event not to miss. You can book tickets here.

Supper Club Summer – Once intimate and between friends, where one could show up with a bottle of wine reminiscent of a Bridget Jones Movie (that. blue. soup. moment.), the supper club has proudly evolved into an all-singing, all-dancing event. There’s the delicious vegetarian ones ( such as Dirt Pop Up) as well as those organised by Oasis, a brilliant local charity helping refugees and asylum seekers, which hosts a monthly supper club to showcase different cultures via the dinner table. For those looking for a dining experience and night out all in one, Supper Clwb at the Millenium Centre promises a Saturday Night series taking place during the entire month of August. Think delicious tapas -style food, drinks and entertainment – a great one for a group of friends.

Hope you enjoyed our suggestions for the month of August, let us know if you go to any of these and definitely tweet us / Instagram your recommendations over on Instagram and Twitter . Our advice? Make the most of this final month of summer whether that’s packing your diary to the brim, taking a solo holiday or simply reading a book in the garden enjoying this glorious (albeit, temperamental!) weather.

Squiggles Team X