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We’ll admit it, we love a good beauty box: the anticipation of ordering it, the element of surprise and the joy of getting to play with new makeup goodies are hard to beat. Yet, having said that, after a quick fling with Glossybox and the odd Birchbox, we never really […]

A Very Special Delivery – August Birchbox

There’s no place like the Park Plaza. We were recently invited to try the Hendrick’s Gin Afternoon Tea and it was Miss Squiggles meets Gossip Girl all over again. Or at least we tried. The Gin didn’t help. It was myself and my sister attending (the pen behind all the […]

Miss Squiggles Goes to the Plaza

You know how sometimes life gets crazy busy? There are moments when nothing is going on and then all at once life surprises us in an explosion of a million things to do, friends wanting to see us, events to attend and a to do list that just keeps on […]

The Summer Game Changers

A rare Sunday off calls for a rare (bonus) Sunday Post so we thought we’d check in with you all, share what we’ll be getting up to on this occasional day off and let you know of the near future plans and schedules for the blog… A decent Sunday should be […]

A Rare Sunday Off

There’s that moment in every season that brings a desire for change, a desire to leave behind what is old and gain a fresh perspective on the things around us. For us, one of these moments is towards the end of summer when we’re packing for our holidays, leaving behind […]

An Ocean of Colour With Desigual

Our shop page has been a regular feature on the blog yet it has recently received a little loving as we have updated it with the products we have been recently using, enjoying or lusting over (so yes, keep an eye out for some of these popping up in upcoming […]

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