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Happy 2019! Our Winter Editorial

The first week of January is always the toughest. Far from all the glitter and fireworks of 1st, we find ourselves with way too much to do and few plans on how to do it. Usually, we quickly realise that one thing is to wish for self-care, wellbeing and a way better...

The Festive Round Up

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house....lied piles of unwrapped presents, a few work deadlines were looming and choruses of 'I just need to get this done before Christmas!' could be heard. Whether this is looking like your current set up or you...

The Sleep Experience – Myza

Sleep and the Holidays do not necessarily go hand in hand. There's the Christmas parties, the constant beeping alerting to social media notifications and the frantic search for the perfect present way past bedtime whilst, in the background, life continues with its...

Blanche Store and More

My mother has gone to the same hairdresser's for over ten years - their bond goes beyond a great haircut and involves complicity, shared anecdotes and a mutual understanding that those two hours between cut and colour act as a tonic, a way to recharge and face the...

A Winter Warmer – Chunky Couture

Back in summer, when I was working on The Edit, one of my final features before returning to University was when looking ahead at November. Editorially speaking, November can be a dull month - not a long going on, dreary weather, the caution of not wanting to begin...

Embrace Self-Care

Before celebrations start, before we start hunting shops searching for the sparkliest dress for our Christmas party, before the wine, the turkey and the presents, we thought it would be a nice idea to take the last two weeks of November to fully embrace self-care and...

I Can Cards

☔☔☔ "You are not good enough." "Your editor hates your work." "Doesn't matter how hard you try, you will never succeed." Do you recognise yourself in one of these three (or maybe all three, if you are a writer), I will admit,  quite harsh statements? If you do, we...

When Self-Care Begins in the Kitchen

When was the last time you cooked for yourself? I'm not talking about a ready meal or a hasty piece of toast when you get home late from work but a proper meal. You know, taking the time to put ingredients together, putting the right music on in the kitchen, looking...

A Day with Gok Wan

Gok Wan is the first man I have met that truly knows and celebrates women. From the moment he walks on stage to the last second before he leaves, he strikes us with his, always accurate, fashion tips, style and quick-witted mind. First of all, he is prepared. The man...

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When this legend shut down sexism with only three words.
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Love how @PennBadgley is keeping it real. Nice TV series, good looking/hot character still
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